Te Hā - Human Movements Fitness Centre under Iuventus Ltd. and Best Care Whakapai Hauora

Te Hā - Human Movements came under the co-ownership of Iuventus Ltd and Best Care Whakapai Hauora early July 2022. Long-standing members were welcomed to meet the new co-owners and farewell Jim and Marianne.

Comradery and friendship were the main experiences shared amongst the members being a part of Human Movements community.

Iuventus Ltd and Whakapai Hauora look forward to continuing this experience with the current members and weave in new members into this inclusive community.

Iuventus Ltd is committed to the health and wellbeing for young people and their whānau in the Manawatū with service arms such as Start Youth Service and Junior Youth Touch Module. As well as our branching organization Highbury Whānau Centre who offer specialized community services to our young people, their whānau and community development.
Best Care Whakapai Hauora provides a community based clinical and support service for children, adolescent, and adults with co-existing problems of mental health and alcohol and other drug use. This can include one-to-one counselling, assessments, goal planning, interventions, relapse prevention, education, group work, advocacy, and support.
Iuventus Ltd and Whakapai Hauora are extending their service delivery through Te Hā - Human Movements where they will support the health and wellbeing of their clients and staff during scheduled operating hours. They look forward to growing this community.

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